Student works in a classroom

TA course credit, workload, and pay

First-time TAs
You will receive:

  • 3 hours of CS-elective credit in the form of CS4903-UTA. This is not a class that meets in person. In fact, it’s more analogous to someone receiving credit for research. CS4903-UTA is permit only.
  • 1 hour of pass/fail credit in the form of CS280-UTA. This is a mandatory TA training course, and is also permit-only.
  • You may be able to TA for credit a second time. If you’re interested, ask your course instructor.
  • FOR SUMMER ONLY: First-time TA’s can choose to TA for credit or for pay.

Second-time TAs

  • If rehired a second time or more, you receive hourly pay for up to 18 hours a week.
  • The typical workload is 15 hours a week.
  • There will be spikes in work during some weeks due to the ebb and flow of homework, exams, project milestones, etc.
  • The absolute maximum for a student is 20 hours a week, which cannot be exceeded no matter what.

Hourly Pay Rates
Your hourly pay will reflect how many semesters you have already served as a TA. First-semester TAs receive either course credit or $8 an hour. From there the pay rate increases with experience; an eighth-semester TA receives $12 per hour. Head TAs make $15 per hour no matter their previous experience.