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Applying to be a TA

We take applications each semester for TAs for the following semester. The deadline usually falls in the middle of the semester, so talk to your professors and head TAs about when to apply. The application website is: Please note that you can only access the application on-campus while you are using a VPN, which is accessible at

Getting hired:

  • If you happen to be TA-ing now, realize that the job is strictly for one semester.
  • Anyone interested in TA-ing must apply/reapply for every semester to be considered.
  • There is no guarantee of rehire. Not being hired does not equate to being fired.
  • Typically, if you’re reapplying to TA the same course, you don’t interview again.

Application Tips & Tricks:
If you would like to apply to become a TA, you need to understand that we have many more applications than we have TA slots. You may have a strong application and still not become a TA just because of the numbers. So what’s an applicant to do?

  • Talk to several people who TA the class you’re interested in, and see what TAing for that class might be like.
  • Make sure the course instructor knows who you are and that you’re interested in TAing.
    • Ideally, you have already been standing out in the class.
    • Please know that the entire semester has already been part of the interview process.
    • Talk to the Head TA as well.
  • Apply early. Demonstrate that you are decisive and have time management skills.
  • Apply for multiple courses that you honestly have interest in. Be aware, though, that you can only TA for one course at a time. And that means across the entire Institute. If you have a TA job for a physics class, for example, you cannot TA for CS.

What if I won’t be here next semester, but I want to apply/reapply for a future semester?

  • Contact your instructor now and let them know.
  • Mark your personal calendar with the application date, knowing that the app typically opens about midway into a semester.