Students present at the Junior Design Capstone Expo.

Junior Design Capstone

Many students who pursue a B.S. in Computer Science or Computational Media from Georgia Tech complete their studies with a year long software design project. With these projects, students apply the development and design skills they have learned throughout their studies at Georgia Tech to develop a software solution to a real world problem. As they develop their software solutions, students also develop skills in professional and technical communication appropriate to the software industry. 

Often, these projects are led by clients within the Georgia Tech campus community, and within various professional industries and communities beyond the campus. Clients serve as professional advisors, guiding the student in the realization of their vision, while providing professional, communicative, and development experience beyond the classroom. These experiences have been invaluable to students’ success in their careers beyond Georgia Tech.


The Georgia Tech Computer Science (CS) capstone course is a two-semester sequence integrated with the students’ technical writing class. In the first semester, students develop project requirements, create a prototype, and do a usability evaluation. Second semester students then build out the system. 

The course is offered during the Fall, Summer, and Spring. Fall and Spring offerings are longer, giving the students approximately fifteen weeks per semester. During the shorter summer offerings, they are given about twelve. In total, students will have had 27-30 weeks to work on a project, spanning two required semesters. Finally, at the end of the second semester, students will showcase their projects in a public facing Design Expo. We invite current and future clients, students, faculty, and many others.


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